Saturday, November 21, 2009

27 Days of Thankful - 21

Day 21 : I am thankful I am a heavy sleeper!! Tonight we had 5 Collard under our roof. All five of the Collard were snoring!! Mark, Kurt, Dave, Bry, and Bandit - all snoring!! It was pretty crazy! I think I was the last person to fall asleep, and somehow I fell asleep! It was so loud! (The boys tell me last night was nothing compared to the night before when it was all 3 boys in the tent!) But I think it's pretty cute that my little dog snores too. But I am real thankful that I am a heavy sleeper (people say that's one reason Mark and I are perfect for each other, he snores and I sleep!) I am also thankful for my family!

What are you thankful for today?

Hmm, so I decided to make a pie today (I just faked it, it isn't a real pie, I bought the pie shells, and I bought the frozen berries, so I really did fake it!) But it turned out really good. I had my professional pie testers taste it, and they loved it!! So, this is what I will be making for my potluck at work on Tuesday. It was so easy, and it tastes soooo good! The boys enjoyed a nice pie after 2 days of shooting things and killing things and eating deer-steak. They each got a deer, but while Dave was chasing his deer, he rolled his ankle really bad, and Mark had to carry him back to the campsite. He seems to be doing good, he was limping around the house, and watching movies and eating pie.

Love - bry and mark

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