Friday, November 6, 2009

27 days of Thankful - 6

I am thankful for good memories. I love to look back and remember my friends, my family, old traditions, spontaneous moments, crazy ideas and plain good times. That's one reason I fell in love with scrapbooking. You get to keep all those memories written down and documented. When I failed horribly at scrapbooking (no, I really did!) I got into blogging. I love being able to look back and remember "back in the day." I am so thankful that I can remember those times. I'm thankful to have memories of my great-grandma, and how we went to her little green house every Christmas, and she always had those ribbon candies! Memories of my grandma, and having Thanksgiving at her house, with all her 12 kids and all the cousins getting together and playing cards. Memories of living in Iowa and finding baby bunnies in the back yard. Memories of living in Cottage Grove and opening the closet the day after Christmas to find RibbonDancer wands there! I remember making raspberry jam, and stewed tomatoes, and pulling weeds, and raking leaves, and building snowmen - all with my family. I remember my dad teaching me the rules of football, but only during commercials, and him laughing when I would holler something completely wrong at the TV. I remember going to see the Nutcracker Ballet with my mom back in Madison. I remember going to the doctor's and finding out I could still fit in the pediatric cardiology play area at the age of 15. I remember all those years at Girl's Camp, and EFY, and Youth Conference, and how amazing those weeks were, and how I felt. I remember going back to the temple for the first time in over 2 years, and then being able to go thru with Mark just before we were getting married. I remember the first time I got up to bear my testimony the Sunday after I was baptized. I remember holding my little brother and sisters after they were born. I could go on for pages and pages with all the good things I remember, I'll stop now because now I am just rambling. I am so thankful for these memories, and for the ability to remember them, and to write them down for my children to read and ask me about. This trully is an amazing project, this 27 days of Thankful, and I am so glad and happy that I decided to partake in it! :)

Thank you Estherlane for the amazing idea and for letting me use it!!

Love to all - bry and mark

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