Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Contradictory socks and hair scare no more

Lately Mark has been asking me for more socks. He even went so far as to ask "Every time you go to Walmart, pick me up a pack, please." In my head, I was thinking, ok, that's do-able. Realistically, I only did it once, because I kept finding his socks all over the house! Behind the couch, in the video game box, under the table, in his shoes, in the truck, in the closet. So I washed them all, now he doesn't need socks. Imagine that! But I have come to discover that socks don't last as long for boys as they do for girls. I have had my socks since before Mark and I started dating (about 3 years ago) and Mark got all new socks when he moved out of his house (about 18 months ago) and his socks are in shreds! I just keep losing mine. So I went to Walmart last night and bought a pack for ME! I really did need socks. I figured I was picking up a pack of No Boundaries socks, I've always had good luck with those, they are comfy. I picked the multi color pack, if I get all the same color, I lose more that way. So I got the pack with the green, orange, pink, red, blue and black. On the toes I thought they said No Boundaries, but nope, they say No Nonsense. I thought that was soo odd! I found the package and they aren't No Boundaries, they really are No Nonsense socks! So, my socks say No Nonsese, I think it's pretty funny, because I think this whole time of year is full of nonsense (shopping and deals and sales....) Plus, if anyone knows me, I'm not really a "no nonsense" kind of girl. I live for the funny stuff and the random stuff. (Mark and I even play the Thumbs game-last person to put up his thumbs says the prayer- and we do Jinx when we both say the same thing-Mark complains because I'm dang good at switching it up from You owe me a soda to You owe me buffalo wings or You owe me kisses- and we still go get pictures from the photo booth. All about the random crazy things that make me happy! Ignore the socks and enjoy life!!

No more hair scare!! So I've started to NOT hate my haircut so much. (Aside from a comment about me looking like a boy the other day at work..it's been good.) And I try not to point out what all I hate about and where the hair dresser screwed up. I wanted it like Rachel Leigh Cook in Scorched, and that's really what I got, I just need to play with it more to get it to do that! I am so used to my hair just falling to the side of my head, that I'm not aware it can do anything else! So it is time for expirimenting!! YAY! But, I've been enjoying it more, and it hasn't been nearly as horrible as I thought at first. Granted it has been over 2 weeks, and my hair has already grown tons. my bangs are already over my eyes. I have decided not to hate it, this is the length I usually get it cut to, and it's cute if I flat iron it. The holidays should be interesting, thank goodness all I have to do it comb it and shake it up sidedown and we're good to go!! :) I sure am glad it's cut, I couldn't stand it long anymore!

Love, bry and mark

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