Monday, November 30, 2009

November means fall

Thanksgiving was exactly how it should be (I missed my family, but they know it!). There was hardly any snow (in the mountains and the high elevations there was, but not around Clinton!), it was chilly, and it smelled like fall! It was so nice! There was hunting and turkey and pie and football. Mark's mom and I watched the Packers game while we cooked food, and then the boys came back and we watched the Packers game again, it was the best ever!! We went and watched The Blind Side, which is a way aweome movie. And Mark and I got to hang out with friends, we made ginger bread houses with Angie & Smitty and with Bubba & Tracy. (More on the Gb houses later.) It was so much fun just hanging out with his family. I thought about my family quite a bit, and how we all would get together and watch football and play cards and eventually go outside and throw the football around. It made me excited for Mark and I to start a family and start our own Thanksgiving traditions. I'm excited for these things to be ours, but I can wait!! :) The past year has come and gone so fast! It's Mark's birthday next Saturday, and I'm torn on what to day. I know I really need to get my Christmas presents finished (and so does Mark) but I have a buy-1-get-1-free coupon for a daily lift ticket. What to do?! I'm so excited to start snowboarding again, we didn't go last year cuz of the heart stuff, so we haven't gone in over 2 years! We both enjoy it, even though I'm not very good. I'm excited to get better. But if we go, this will a completely new thing for me, again, it'll be the first time since the open heart surgery. (I'm not worried about it, my heart is completely healed!!) I'm excited to see if I can notice a difference, to see if I can breathe as we go down the hill (last time we went, it hurt so bad to go DOWN the hill!) I'm so excited to get back on the board!! Time to get some long underwears!! We'll see how much I can get done on presents. The last day to mail presents so they get delivered by Dec. 25th is DECEMBER 17TH!! So I have to mail everything by then! That's my deadline!! We'll just have to see how things go!

Love to all- bry and mark

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