Thursday, November 5, 2009

Squirrels, bananas and collars

So, Bandit got a squirrel this morning! Well, if you ask Mark, he puts it like this: Bandit saw the squirrel, and he pointed so good, and as per Mark and Bandit's previous agreement, Mark had to shoot it. (The previous agreement being that Mark told Bandit, if Bandit pointed, Mark would kill what he was pointing at.) So, before Mark and I left for work, the killing began. Mark locked the squirrel in the garage, and Bandit sat at the garage door until Mark left and then until I left, he sat there waiting for one of us to get the squirrel out. He didn't even go to the gate to see who was in the truck when I left! I see where I rate in Bandit's heirarchy! But, he sat there whining and howling for someone to get his squirrel, he wanted it so bad! He's a good little hunting dog, and he's really a sharp looking dog, and he points so good! (Plus, I'm pretty sure that is the squirrel that has been putting sticks in our duct exhaust pipe on the house. He was a rebel squirrel, Mark found a pellet and BB in him when he killed him, and they weren't from Mark! This squirrel has been shot at before!!)

Our little dog LoVEs bananas! Anytime Mark or I eats a banana, he is right there. (OK, anytime we eat anything really!) But he absolutely loves the yellow fruit! Sometimes, I put peanut butter and bananas in his dish, he loves that too. But he likes bananas, which is pretty unusual for little puppy. I didn't think I could feed him carrots, bananas or apples, until I found some recipes for the Kong. (Which I still cannot find that dang Kong, the Bandit has probably buried it, but where?!) Walmart had a sale on bananas today, so I bought 2 bunches of them. :)

We officaially have a LARGE dog, he is no longer a medium. We had to buy him a new collar, his old one was at the end of it length, and it was choking him, so broke down and bought a new one. It's the same blue-camo collar, we got one for him when he was first new, and just went with it. (Mark's brother Steve has the green-camo on his dog Trigger, a chocolate lab, so we couldn't get that one!) He's such a cute thing, even though he really isn't a large dog, he's just a little dog!! Mark's parents went back to Utah telling everyone that Bandit is a little dog, and that's true. Compared to Tank and Trigger (both are triple Bandit's size) our little Bandit really is a shrimp! LOL! But, I think he's not getting bigger because of his doggie door. We got this one for when he was little, he had to step up into it before, and now he has to crouch and stretch himself out in order to get in. And he keeps hitting his knees(?) on the bottom of the door. We are getting him a new door, I promise. I think once we get him a bigger door, he will grow some more! :)

Love to all! bry and mark

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