Tuesday, November 3, 2009

H1N1 flu vaccine clinics

Ok- so my doctor told me it would be a good idea for me to go get the Swine Flu vaccine. So, in my findings, I discovered a web site that listed all the flu clinics. So I figured I'd share the info. There are tons of places around Brighton that have the seasonal flu vaccination, but there are aslo plenty of opportunities to get the free H1N1 flu vaccine. However, in reading the criteria to get that shot, I don't really fall into that group. Does having a heart problem immediately nominate me? I'm not really sure. I don't want to go and get turned away. (That's what happened to Mark's dad, he went to get the shot and they turned him away from being too old! I thought that was who this dang flu was attacking!) But the doctor just said I should get the vaccination for the H1N1 flu because the side effects/symptons are really severe and harsh in "the younger folks" so, I suppose it couldn't hurt right?! While I'm at it, I might as well get the Pneumonia Vaccine too. If you click the link above, and then click on FIND A CLINIC in the left side bar, then click SEASONAL FLU (both types of vaccines will pop up, I promise!) then type your area code, it will get you alist of places that have the vaccines for seasonal flu, H1N1 flu, Pneumonia, and the like, it'll also give prices and times and directions, all the info you need! Mark and I will probably be heading up to Thornton Middle School Thursday for the Swine Flu vaccine, I think only I will get it, he thinks he already had it this year, and he's not too worried about it. I am planning on getting the SHOT (Dr's orders actually), she said the shot has the dead virus, where the nasal is just broken live virus, and you can get symptons from it. So, shoot me up Scotty!

Anyways, I went to the neuro-opthamoligist yesterday. And, it is not my eyes that are causing my headaches. He said that my pupils are not the same size but that is nothing to be worried about, because 40% of the population as non-identical pupils. He went on to say that I am very "run-of-the-mill" and that I fit in the "ordinary" box with everyone else (yes, he ever did the finger quotations on that last one.) and that my migraine side effects/symptons are normal with migraines. Now, I ask you sir, if I am so dang ordinary and run of the mill, how come NO ONE can tell me what is causing my migraines?! (This doctor was an arrogant jerk, I understand he went to school for 8 years and he went thru all that training and studying, but he doesn't really have to talk down to me, I like to think I understand my condition as well as most doctors, and I think I'm versed pretty good when it comes to what I have. I'm not retarded, I'm not psycho, this is not something that "I was just worried about, and felt like coming in to see a doctor." No, this is serious. Trust me, the first time in 3 years I went in to see a doctor resulted in open heart surgery, I don't rush the hospital for every little thing. This doctor did the head-bob quite a bit, he had on shiny whiny tuxedo shoes, and had on those argyle socks-I'm pretty sure those are part of the dress-code or the requirment to be called Dr.-but he made it sound like I rushed in the hospital for just a minor headache, and that I should just go home, because they are, afterall, just headaches.) So, now that I know for sure that it is not my eyes making my head hurt this bad, I am off to get an MRI done today after work. I'm also hoping to get that Swine flu shot on Thursday or Friday, depends on what's going on.

Speaking of Thursday, I'm wondering if Bandit has his puppy class (they cancelled last week, I guess it snowed too much). Also, Mark and I totally need to catch up on The Office! Looks like tonight's gonna be a good night. :)

Love to all - I hope the info on the Swine flu vaccinations help!!-- bry and mark

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I think you will barely make the age cut off. If I am remembering right I think it is 24 is the cut off for the H1N1 vaccine.But I could be remembering wrong.

My pupils are different sizes too. :) I hate when doctors act like that. Sorry he was so rude.