Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Turkey creations and doctors!

So I found a craft blog that had these cute little Turkey Cookies, and I decided I would make them! They looked so easy! LOOKED! Either they were hard or I have ZERO ambition today. I made 8, 2 for each of my visiting teaching sisters. I am so lame. But I got some cute pictures of me with the creations. And one of the boy chowing down on 1. I still have all the ingredients for the creations, maybe this weekend.....

But, I had my sleep study last night. I even asked the guy how it went, he said "We can't share any information regarding the test." Poo, all I wanted to know if my sleep is causing my headaches. But no, I guess I have to wait until January 12th for the follow up appointment. (I am on the CANCEL list, so if anyone bails, I get called to get a earlier spot.) But, they stuck 15 little electrodes all over my head (in my hair, on my cheeks, at my temples, at the top of my head, on my forehead, everywhere!! I had this goo/putty stuff to glue the electrodes on to me, it was all stuck in my hair. Ugh.) But, the sleep wasn't too bad, it was at a hotel, not at a hospital. So it could have been worse. Now all we have to do is wait. I'd like to have hope that if it were something way important, my docter will call and set something up. She will have the results by next week, so she could do it. But the follow up with the sleep study people is in January. (Realistically, it's not that far away, this year has gone by so fast already!) But tonight I am going to go snuggle with my man! :)

Love, bry and mark

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