Thursday, November 26, 2009

27 Days of Thankful - 26

Day 26 : I am thankful for non-existent holiday traffic and good weather. Mark and I drove to Utah last night. We both thought there would be tons of traffic on the roads and that it would be slow going, and if anything, there would be tons of cops on I-80. WRONG!!! There was NO traffic, and we were able to zip right thru Wyoming, and as far as I know, we only saw cops heading East. It was smooth sailing from Colorado to Utah. Only one minor mishap of getting dinner, we took the wrong exit, I wasn't paying attention (I was reading Fablehaven 3 out loud) and Mark thought we always took the 2nd exit. Considering it is November and we had terrible snow storms in September and October, I thought we would see a little snow, but the only snow we saw was the snow on the hills and mountains and on the side of the road. It was a cloudless night, and the weather was perfect!! We couldn't have asked for better holiday travel conditions!

What are you thankful for today?!!

Happy Turkey Chow day to all!! Thanksgiving is such an awesome holiday, I love getting together with family and hanging out. I am so excited to watch football this year, I am actually keeping track of me team! I am missing my family this time of year, though, they know I love them, and I would go see them if I could. But I am excited to spend this Thanksgiving with Mark's family. His family is great!! The boys are actually in the truck heading out to the hunting spot. They go rabbit hunting every year. :) Happy Thanksgiving everybody!!

Much love to all - love, bry and mark

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