Monday, November 2, 2009

Week 8 and 7 Fantasy Football

Week 8

Mark: 52 (2-6)
Bry: 58 (3-5)

We both lost again. I was picked to win even, and DENIED once again. I'm hoping this season turns around soon, I'm getting sick of losing all the time. Alot of Mark's guys are injured, so that sucks for his lineup. There's no excuse for my line up, it just sucks. I do have to say that the Packers played an amazing game and they deserved to win. And grandma Favre can be arrogant all he wants back in Minnesota. It's where he belongs. He lost sight of the team, and started thinking of just himself. Well, the Brett Favre Show has moved to new locale, and they can have him. I think Aaron Rodgers is a great QB and he is my favorite. Mark and I went to a preseason game last year, Broncos VS Packers, and BF was out for the last 3 quarters (it's pre-season) so we got to Rodgers play, and it was an awesome game. (I'm pretty sure we won, there were alot of mad Broncos fans, but I can't remember.) So, yay for football! Next week is going to be a
better one.... :)

Week 7:

Mark: 73 (2-5)
Bry: 71 (3-4)

So it really has been a crazy week when I forgot all about posting for Fantasy Football! Mark lost, I won. Marks line up was scoring points like mad, but somehow, his opponent beat him anyways. Philiip Rivers continues to deliver on my team, he's pretty awesome. We're starting to wind down the season, so that means that Christmas is on the way, and alot of guys are going to be giving it their all! I love football in the cold, to me, that screams FALL!!

Love to all - Bry and Mark

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