Saturday, November 21, 2009

Cute little....

So, Bandit has a habit of waking us up at 6:30 am most Saturdays. And I have discovered he does that to wake Mark up!! Because today it was just me in bed (Mark is in Nebraska shooting deer with his brother and dad) and Bandit came and laid down on my side of the bed and slept. I slept in until 9!! It was so nice! So I took some pictures of the rat, he was so cute all scrunched up next to the bed. He liked the nice comfy pillow that is by my side of the bed, it was quite a switch from being over by the dresser like he usually is. But he was pretty dang cute. And then he chased a squirrel up an electrical pole, and he was seriously going nuts. Barking at it, trying to jump up there (he almost jumped over the fence right by it!) and just crazy! So I went and got Mark's pellet gun and aimed up, and I shot twice, I got it the 2nd time. It fell, but before Bandit could rush over and get him, the squirrel jumped up and ran away! (I made Bandit come sit by my feet so he wouldn't get in the way.) Those dang little creeps are tough! (Mark shot one a few weeks ago, and it had been shot twice already, it had a BB and a pellet in it!) So, better luck next time! :) Mark and the boys should be heading back soon, unless they are staying another night, but Mark and Kurt both got deer yesterday (I told him to take pictures!) So we'll just have to see. Now time to finish more gifts!! LOL!! Yayayayay!

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