Tuesday, November 24, 2009

27 Days of Thankful - 24 and Week 11

Day 24 : So I have gone to sites all over to get new ideas. Don't get me wrong, I am thankful for alot, but I feel like I covered the general groups. And I got to thinking about how blessed I am for all that we have. So today : I am thankful for blessings. I know that seems like a general statement as well, but what I mean is : in times of need, and times of trouble, things have miraculously worked out for us. The bills have evened up, the dog's food is on sale, I end finding coupons for ALL the things we need at the store, Mark gets sent checks from a place he worked when he was 12 because he never cashed them, having a job that gives paid medical leave, getting a phone call when it's been a really bad day, having a friend stop by, getting a check in the mail for Halloween. Ok, what I am really trying to say is, that Mark and I have gone thru hard times (who hasnt?!) but we always come thru them stronger than before. We feel the prayers and the blessings given in our names. We hadn't even been married 3 months before we were told I needed open heart surgery again. We freaked, but people from church and friends from home, and family all came together to help us thru it. When Mark and I were looking to move due to said surgery, we got a check in the mail, and we were able to move out of those horrible apartments. Things really have amazing for us, and I am so very grateful for all that we have and all that we have been blessed with. I am thankful that we have both been blessed with a positive outlook on things that happen. Neither of us really gets mad (frustrated YES, but mad, no.) and no matter what, we are able to talk to each other about everything. I love how blessed we are and feel.

What are you thankful for today? Check out Amanda's thankful list.

Week 11 Fantasy Footbal :
Mark : 91 (3-8)
Bry : 95 (4-7)

Mark and I played each other again this week, and it was so close! We went and watched the game at Gerrit and Angie's. It came down to the last field goal! Mark and I were tied for almost the entire 4th quarter of the Titans/Texans game. Mark has Nate Washinton (WR) on the Titans, and I have Rob Bironas (K) on the Titans, so if the Titans got a TD, my kicker would go in get some points for me! But Mark only got points if Washington got the TD. He was so back and forth, THROW IT! No!!! Wrong guy! It was lots of fun to play against each other again. I won!! But it was very very close. (Next year we've got plans to have a Collard Family League, his folks and brothers and us, it's going to be awesome!)

Love - bry and mark

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