Monday, November 30, 2009

December decorations!!!

So, when we went to Utah for Thanksgiving, Mark's mom got some cute little decorations and sent them home with us. She gave us cute little snowmen, and a little sign that says "We still believe." And then, I went to Seagull Book and picked up some Simon Dewey 3x4 Nativity cards, like the shepards pointing at the star, the baby in the manger, and Mary, Joseph and baby in the stable. I saw those and instantly got an idea. I wanted to find a multiple-picture frame, and then find a way to wrap in Christmas wrapping paper, like a present. We went to Roberts and found a "floating" frame, which fit my 3 little pictures perfectly! And then we went and wrapped presents, and I wrapped my frame. I love how it turned out, and was so excited that I thought it up that fast!! I love it!! After I put this cute little "Christmas Present" and put up some of my other Decemeber decor, that I had around the house. Like my countdown blocks and my snowmen from Mark's mom. I brought up our Christmas decor box from the dungeon, and I will be peroidically putting up our winter stuff. I'll be doing that in between making gifts, so I don't get burned out, I'll switch it up. I'm excited about Christmas. I'm excited about getting in the gift giving spirit. Here's a collage with the decorations I've got up so far. :)

Love to all - bry and mark

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