Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wreaths all around!!

So, I have been desperately trying to find an easy way to make a Thanksgiving wreath. It wasn't lack of ideas (trust me, I have tons of ideas for these! But most were too much, too time comsuming...) But on Monday I went to the craft day, and Teri told me about a site she frequents that catalogs crafts daily, but she does like a TON of them. So, I headed over to One Pretty Thing, it was confusing at first because I was like, I don't need printable things! But I figured out, she does a Round-up every day, felt food round-up, Printables round-up, Christmas round-up, gift box round-up, Thanksgiving round-up. So I went back a few pages, cuz I always do that!! and I found a Thanksgiving page with this! So I went to Chica and Jo's site and got the d's on how to make this! It was so easy, and it looks really cute. Yayayyayayay!

In my joy to find wreaths, I found a Christmas one I was so excited to do! I follow Be Different...Act Normal on her blog and when I saw this Cookie Cutter Wreath, I just had to start looking for cookie cutters immediately! So, of course, I made it in one day after I found a can of 18 cookie cutters at Wal-Mart! I'm sorry my picture kind of sucks for this one, the cookie cutters are apparently really thin, and don't like to get photographed! But it is still way cute. Oh, and the reason this one is on the table, is because I will NOT hang it up (even for a picture!) until December 1st. But I have my crazy wreaths done, and now full concentration and time and effort will be on my CHRISTMAS presents! It is almost Thanksgiving and I don't have them done! ACK!! So, no more fooling around, no more little ideas, trust me, I have been saying NO to cute little things (like washer ornaments) because I can see me falling in love with how easy and cute and cheap they are, and never seeing my half-finished Christmas Presents again. (Leaving everyone on my list, wondering, Why did she get me washers tied together?!) So, here goes, I am diving in head first, see you the day before Christmas!! LOL!
Lots of love - bry and mark

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