Friday, November 27, 2009

27 Days of Thankful - 27

Day 27 : I have been thankful for 27 days!! This "program" has helped me gain a better perspective of my life and so realize that I have A LOT to be thankful for! Also, this program has inspired me to try the Project Life in 2010. I really like the idea of writing down something everyday. I'm pretty excited to start this new project. (It's my birthday present!! I'm so excited! However, I'll get it after my birthday, but that's ok, I'm going to take pics and jot some notes for the part of January I don't have my present!) It has made me really grateful for what I have and to notice all that I do have!! :) But, today I am thankful for Black Friday Bird Shoots! Every Thanksgiving that the Collard boys are together, they go rabbit hunting in the morning (to leave the girls alone to cook.) and they went to the Black Friday Bird Shoot today, supposedly to leave the ladies to go shopping. But, Mark's mom and I tagged along, we went and watched our pup point at some birds. He was so good!! He learned so much today! He pointed at the pheasants and he even got a few! (For one, he chased it down and fought with it, and when Mark got up to him, Bandit was standing on the bird!!) He was such a good bird dog! Plus, he was the only dog out there that didn't have a shock collar on, granted, he wasn't the most well behaved dog, but he was way good at getting the birdies. It was way nice to get Bandit out there to see what other dogs do, and to get him the training and to get him excited about birds!! It was such a nice day, it was cold, but really a nice day! I am thankful for my family, and how I love hunting just like them (I fit in!). It was a nice day together with them, and having fun with them!!

What are you thankful for? Check out what Amanda is thankful for! Thank you Amanda for this great idea, I'm pretty sure this is a new tradition for our family!

PS- I did go shopping today, but it was at 4:30 pm, and the only place I went to was Seagull Book (hey! I'm in Utah, I HAD to go!!) and I went looking for a book, but didn't find it, and I got some shirts and a 6-picture frame for $7!!! I am so excited!! That was the only place I went, the only place I could stand to go, there was NO way I was setting foot in WalMart today, they parking lot looked like a zoo! Ugh!

Love always, bry and mark

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