Friday, November 20, 2009

What Bandit ate....

So, we went over to Angie's and Gerrit's Wednesday night, we brought buffalo wings and they had just got New Super Mario Bros Wii, so of course it was awesome. But I was telling her about my puppy and what he had gotten into that day and she said I should start a blog about what he ate that day. I thought about it, and I already have too many blogs that I don't write on anymore, so I add the death toll to the bottom of my posts. And since it is Friday today, I will run-down the destruction of the week.

Monday : Bandit ate a bag of bread and the remnants of a bag of Oreos (about a row and a partial row and a roll of paper towels.
Tuesday : Bandit ate a bunch of Bananas (3) and the box to my Bosch.
Wednesday : Bandit ate a washcloth.
Thursday : Bandit ate the back of my arm-chair (one of the green/orange/black ones) and the kitchen rug.
Friday : Bandit ate a bag of trail mix and the rest of the Bosch box.

It's not cuz we don't feed him, he eats! And it's not everyday, but somedays, he is just more destructive than other days. He eats carrots and bananas and peas and apples all the time, Mark says he is the healthiest dog ever. Mark also wishes I would make Bandit a carnivore, not a veggie eater, I tell him Bandit is an omnivore, that's why he eats sticks and grass. I'll keep everyone posted on the destruction of our possessions

Kurt and Mark's dad came out this weekend, they are heading out to Nebraska to shoot things. It should be a fun weekend! I'll craft all weekend and they will hunt. I'm so happy they're here!

Love to all - bry and mark

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